Motivated, engaged, and uplifted are just some of the feelings one will experience after a conversation with Sharon Addison. With more than 15 years of experience as an independent radio host and producer, she uses her vivacity to captivate the attention of audiences worldwide. As a Registered Nurse, Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach, She knows firsthand what it’s like to pursue your passion and walk in your true purpose.



If you have a vision and need structure on how to identify, harness and embrace your passion and walk in your true purpose, this course is designed with you in mind.


Who is this program for?


  • Women group leader
  • Women networking group
  • Non Profit group leader
  • Women in ministry
  • Women & small business owner
  • Women with a heart for mission work
  • Author, speaker, coach to women

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Working a full time job and trying to give the attention and business development time you need to your business or organization can be a struggle. Just trying to juggle family life, school and additional responsibilities is enough to make you scream. You may ask yourself.... ..how is it possible to build a business, take care of a household and give enough time to your personal and professional  relationships? Will you ever get to the point where you can be your own boss?


This 90 day Intensive Coaching program is designed to put effective strategies in place to enhance your Personal and Professional Goals.  If you want the focus that you will need to make your passion more profitable.

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“It’s my personal belief that by having the right mindset and success systems in place, you will attract abundance to what you do with faith and proper implementation.”- S. Addison



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