Building A Faith Base Business

This is my year to boldly walk into my calling.  I want to take a stronger stand for myself, business and those who I am called to serve.  This year I am looking to work with those who are unapologetic about their success.  I am looking to work with those who want to create an amazing balance in their personal and professional lives. 



Creating a business or ministry that works for your life takes work and commitment.  Commitment to understanding that when you walk into your purpose that temporary discomfort will come.  When you open up your mouth or put strong thought into changing your current situation everything that you can think of will pop up.  This is when you will have to exercise crazy faith.  I am talking about the kind of faith that passeth all understanding.  The kind of faith that will make others think that you are really stretching it.  However, having that type of faith will allow you to ride out the storm.  Exercising that type of faith will allow you to see that once dark cloud is now blinging a silver lining.



I am truly speaking to those who are ready to put God as the CEO of your business.  Yes!  I said it!!!! Make God the CEO of your business.  No doubt he is the CEO of your life.  How about being intentional about how you do business? How about operating on principles that will surely lead to your success? How about being conscious about how you attract and serve your clients?


Could it be true that the way you treat the business of others is a direct reflection of your very own business?


I am so willing to continue this conversation with those who wish to explore or re-establish a business that is built on a solid foundation of integrity and excellence.  Understanding the social and economical impact on your customers is in direct relation to the emotional connection to your purpose. Wow!  Inviting you to join the conversation and answer the question….."Why Build a Faith Based Business."


Get ready because God is up to something big! Ready to build a Faith Based Business?  Stay tuned for more information because this year we are removing the limits and decreeing and declaring God as the CEO.


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