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This year will be a purpose filled year.  This is the year to really focus on you.  Yes you.  I believe that God has called you to do more and in order to do so you must take care of this magnificent temple we call the body.  Our mind must also be strong in order for us to do more.
I know that my calling is to help support others who really want to embrace their Awesome Power Within.  I have an amazing community of women and a few brave men who have followed my ministry for more than 14 years.  Many listen via radio some knew of me via local cable channels.  It's no secret who is the source of my strength.  
I will be sharing how I usually start off the new year.  I have an amazing community via my Spotlight On Gospel family. They've shared this journey with me for 3 consecutive years and I am so honored and looking forward to our 4th year.  I share our 21Day LifeStyle Challege at least 3-4 times for the year and I am inviting you to participate. Our January challenge is very powerful and it helps to set the pace for the year. 
Get ready to receive more.  Get ready to operate from your overflow. Get ready to serve more!
Our Focus
Your Health
Your Wealth
Your Legacy
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I am also excited to offer my discover your purpose 4 week bootcamp  as a very special bundle for those who want more.
Bonus Gift - Free training call How To Win In 2016
  I want to support you in getting ready for an abundance filled year.  I want to share with you exactly how I plan my calendar year events and all.  
It is important to be intentional with all that you do.  If you have a plan you are setting up yourself to win.  
This is important and I so look forward to this wonderful journey with you.  
  Please see below.  Sign up for the free call and much more!
Much success to you!
Title: Life Style Challenge Planning 2016

Discover Your Purpose - 4 week bootcamp.  Recordings and Journal will be made available

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