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We've passed the half way mark for this year.  Have you had time to reflect on your wins?  I believe that there are no mistakes.  Every milestone that we've achieved is an amazing  opportunity to pull back and really look at the bigger picture.


You may think that you did not climb high enough or gained all the things that you set out to do.  Maybe you've exceeded your very own expectations and  you are staying the course.  Whatever the outcome, you MUST celebrate your wins.


The beautiful thing about all of this is that you still have time to make an impact on this world.  My question to you is this,  do you have a game plan for the rest of the year?
Reflect on the conversations that you are having with yourself and others.  Take a quick stock of the people you are  hanging around with.  Do they build you up or do they create major distractions?  I will let that last one sink in for a moment__________.


So many of you made a vow to really clean house.  Have you?  Are you ready to refocus in a supportive community of heart-centered motivated individuals who are creating the shift when it comes to  the 3Ms?  I am talking about your Message, Mindset & Money. 


I am being bold about this statement because so many of you want to do good things in this world and your are looking for ways to get your message, idea or product out to the masses.  You want to use your resources to help more people and support the causes that resonate with your soul.  Most of all, you are looking to be in a creating.....I will say that again a creating and supportive community of like minded individuals.  If this speaks to you I encourage you to accept my invite to my free information  call.

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I am determine to connect with as many like minded individuals who are ready to really create the ripple effect of Embracing Your Awesome Power Within.








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All you need is a computer and a desire to be successful to participate. You’ll want to reserve your spot right away!          


Working a full time job and trying to give the attention and business development time you need to your business or organization can be a struggle. Just trying to juggle family life, school and additional responsibilities is enough to make you scream. You may ask yourself.... is it possible to build a business, take care of a household and give enough time to your personal and professional  relationships? Will you ever get to the point where you can be your own boss?
A few years ago, I   struggled with those questions. Some things I did better than others. I needed solutions and I needed them fast. 
 Looking back, I worked harder than I should have. Back then, I did not have the systems and strategies that I needed to make my life more manageable. Don't get me wrong, I got results but only to a certain level. I needed to up my game. I realized that if I was going to be of service to more people I needed to be better equipped.

I also learned that if my business was going to be successful I needed to realize the common thread. Just think the one thing that would make what I do more manageable and meaningful was within my reach all that time. After I learned this one thing that’s when the light bulb came on. Knowing this one thing can save you months and years of frustration and hundreds of valuable hours.  Some of the hours you save can be time with your family and the rest growing and nurturing your passion/business.

 I am inviting you to a free preview call for my upcoming 90 day Coaching Intensive Program. This 90 day Intensive Coaching program is designed to put effective strategies in place to enhance your Personal and Professional Goals.
If you want the focus that you will need to make your passion more profitable...please join my  90 day Coaching Intensive free preview call.



You should be on this call if you:

Currently make a minimum of $85,000 annually on your current job and want to learn how to increase your salary & business income without spending too much time on your job and time away from your family.

You are making a minimum of $125,000 annually in your business as a solo entrepreneur. (You are doing it all).

You are spending more time in your business than on your business. ..(be on the call to learn more about this statement).

You are doing everything in your business and losing site of your purpose and becoming frustrated with your passion.

You need solutions on how to replace your current salary and increase your bottom line without missing a beat.

You want to learn how to transition from your current job into your own business with a solid plan on replacing your income. ..(this is important so I am repeating).   You need a plan!!

How to stop treating what you do as a hobby and more like a business.......(charge what you are worth)

Personal (Mind, Body Soul Connection)

Mind: Refocus  & Clarify  Your Vision
           Personal & Professional Relationship Evaluation
 Body:  Physical  & Mental Mind & Body Connection

 Soul:   Spiritual Connection

           Attitude of Gratitude Connection






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The Embrace Your Awesome Power Within™ Tele-Conference Series will show you how to make the changes you desire and give you access to the tools and strategies you need to make a positive difference in your personal and professional life.


Embrace Your Awesome Power Within,

Your Host,

Sharon Addison, BCC



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